Poultry Industry

POULTRY INDUSTRY: Poor drinking water can severely limit poultry production. Nano Gas Technologies, Inc. creates nano-oxygenated drinking water to enable farmers to raise healthier broilers in a natural way. Oxygen is also a natural disinfectant, by increasing oxygen absorption in drinking water we create a superior and natural living environment for both birds and waste-eating microbes, this reduces the number of pathogens, increasing broiler growth by 20% while decreasing the mortality rate by as much as 95%.


Ammonia buildup from egg production and feces in wash water is a common problem in this industry.  Chicken feces and egg wash buildup in stock tanks can be highly toxic and create odor problems for the community.

By using a closed-loop system we were able to redox the Ammonia as well as H2S from eggshells and feces. 

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