Biofuel plants transform oils and fats into an alternative fuel used in diesel engines, and other combustion processes such as burners, heaters, etc.

Typical sources of fat waste are:

  • Animal fats: beef tallow, lard

  • Chicken fat

  • Vegetable oils: soybean, canola, palm, etc.

  • Recovered materials: brown grease, soapstock, etc.


The process requires cleaning the water before reuse, and also prior to disposal in the municipal sewer system. Applying Nano Gas™ into the waste stream enables a uniform separation of the valuable glycerin, residual fats, and solids. The density change to the fluid stream enables the solids to drop, the lighter emulsified hydrocarbons – FOG to be removed and recycled for processing and the water to be reused or discharged meeting permit requirements.

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