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What We Do

Nano Gas Technologies is a platform technology company with applications across multiple industry verticals using patented world-changing nanobubble technology.


Nano Gas Technologies brings a sustainable solution to solve some of the world's urgent challenges. Our technology has more than 50 different applications across different industry verticals and segments such as Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Medical, Municipal water remediation, and many more.

Nano Gas Technologies is unique in the market space of making nanobubbles.  Our patented solution is the only one delivering true novel nanobubbles.  They are not made out of traditional cavitation, membranes, ceramic discs, or sonication methods.  Our patented approach makes them smaller, more capable and they stay in solution for months, not weeks, days, or hours.  The difference is that our bubbles work, do not rise in solution, and continue to work.



Nano Gas operates as a service company.  There is no capital equipment to purchase for the client.  The service is fully turnkey.  Autonomously or remotely operated supported by AI at the facility and operating models being constantly re-trained in the cloud, making a true low manning solution. Autonomous monitoring, sensing, and control make ongoing operation is a headache-free way to deal with operational challenges that else would require manpower.  The system can be part of a fixed installation or as a mobile multi-servicing unit.



There are many ways to make nanobubbles. that claim they make Nano-bubbles.  Contrary to us our competitors make their bubbles using conventional methods like cavitation, ceramic blocks, or electrolysis.  Yes we agree they make small bubbles but so far conventional bubble makers do not perform as promised, hence our patented technology for nano bubble creation.  The difference is our ability to create novel nano-scale bubbles that stay in the solution creating gas saturation levels never seen before.




In the middle East, we are currently working to solve five challenges. In the US an established EPC company is establishing a new O&G service company solely around the use of our groundbreaking technology.  In another state in the US, another EPC company has proven our technology to radically change their SWD design. In Asia a major NOC our solution is expected to reduce its production facility size by 20%. 



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